EQUIPD is a complete reference tool for Year 10 students doing career and work-study courses and subjects.


We have done the hard work for students and teachers and created a one-stop shop for study options, career pathways and finding the best fit. Through interactive and practical editorials, eQUIPD helps students determine their likes, dislikes, strengths and limitations. Using eQUIPD allows students to reach a greater understanding of their personality and skills traits, which enables them to more thoroughly, investigate suitable study and career options.
The highly successful Year 10 student resource, eQUIPD is going national from 2016. Each state in Australia will now have its own published edition of eQUIPD.

To find out more about eQUIPD  click on one of the following options:

eQUIPD for Education

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For more information regarding editorial and sponsorship opportunities please contact 
Phone: 49 312 777
Email: admin@youthexpress.com.au


Work Placement

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